Financial planning

On earning: Never depend on a single income. Make investment to create a second source. On spending: If you buy things you dont need, soon you will have to sell things you need. On savings: Dont save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after savings. On taking risks: Never test the depth of river with both feet. On investment: Dont put all eggs in one basket. On expectation: Honesty is very expensive gift, dont expect it from cheap people.

-Warren Buffett-


Baca quotes ini dari blog temen yang menulis soal financial planning Ivan Triyadi..

Dan teringat pesan ibu, kalau kamu sudah bisa hidup dengan uang sekian, kalau pendapatan kamu naik, sebisa mungkin pengeluaran kamu tetap.. karena itulah kebutuhan kamu.. yang lainnya itu keinginan….


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