Free BSD?

Humm.. ad yang pernah denger ‘FreeBSD’? mungkin klo BSD-Bumi Serpong Damai pada tau.. tapi FreeBSD itu bukan Bumi Serpong Damai Gratis *What The F!?* hue.. ternyata FreeBSD itu adalah merupakan suatu OS (Operating System, red) seperti windows dan linux.. FreeBSD merupakan OS yang cukup mutakhir dan dapat berjalan di atas platform x86 (pentium dan athlon), amd64 (Opteron, Athlon, danEM 64T), ARM, IA-64, Power PC, PC-98 dan Ultra SPARC. FreeBSD merupakan OS yang menyerupai Unix yang dikembangkan di Berkeley Software Distribution (ternyata ini kepanjangan sebenarnya dari BSD).. setelah gw nyari2 info di internet.. standarlah, nemu di wikipedia.. nih baca ndiri..

FreeBSD has been characterized as “the unknown giant among free operating systems.”[2] It is not a clone of UNIX, but works like UNIX, with UNIX-compliant internals and system APIs.[3] FreeBSD is generally regarded as reliable and robust. Among all operating systems which can accurately report uptime remotely,[4] FreeBSD is the free operating system listed most often in Netcraft’s list[5] of the 50 web servers with the longest uptime. A long uptime also indicates no crashes have occurred and no kernel updates have been deemed needed, since installing a new kernel requires a reboot and resets the uptime counter of the system. FreeBSD is developed as a complete operating system. The kernel, device drivers and all of the userland utilities, such as the shell, are held in the same source code revision tracking tree (CVS), whereas with Linux the kernel, userland utilities and applications are developed separately, then packaged together in various ways by other groups as Linux distributions. (

Duh.. duh.. duh.. jadi semangat nyoba2 nih.. huehe..


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